Uttarakhand Smart Ration Card

  • The Food Supply Department has completed all of the necessary preparations for the production of Smart Ration Cards, and tenders will be issued in the coming week. Uttarakhand ration card holders would not face any difficulties in obtaining rations thanks to this smart card; they will be able to obtain rations from any government-run low-cost ration outlet. The card will be refreshed and upgraded to a Smart Ration Card in the year 2021.
  • First and foremost, according to Smart Ration Card 2021, about 23 thousand old ration cards will be renewed and turned into Smart Ration Cards.

What is A Smart Ration Card

  • This is an excellent opportunity for ration cardholders to renew their cards and upgrade to a smart card. All persons living below the poverty line will gain substantially as a result of this. People living in poverty will be able to get their rations from any government ration outlet using this ration card. According to the District Supply Officer, there are a large number of Smart Ration Cards in the district. Those who applied for ration cards will have their ration cards made smart first, and then all other ration cards will be made smart as well so that no impoverished household will be unable to obtain rations.
  • With the assistance of this smart card, ration card users in Uttarakhand may easily take their share of food items from the government ration shop without any difficulty. Government shops are defrauded by not providing commodities to the consumer. The commodities are then sold at twice the original price, a practice known as black marketing, which causes a slew of problems for the poor.
  • In light of these issues, the government decided to create a Smart Ration Card and declared that the existing card will be renewed and converted into a digital smart card. Ration card holders will not suffer any problems as a result of the development of this card. This Smart Ration Card will have a QR code that the dealer will scan before delivering the products to the customer, and then the data will be entered online. That is, all work will now be done online, which will eliminate black marketing and benefit the beneficiaries.
  • More than 23 lakh people in the state will get their old ration cards renewed. All individuals who fall below the state's poverty line will gain greatly as a result of this; also, the ration card is a vital document that can be used to make a variety of items, as well as a driver's licence. So far, 90 percent of the consumers of 50 ration card dealers in the state have had their identities verified.
  • 100 other ration sellers have completed more than 80% of their verification work. More than 500 ration merchants have been verified to the tune of more than 70%. With the accomplishment of this effort, the state has now begun the printing of cards. These cards would be provided as quickly as feasible to inhabitants of the state, with a price of Rs 50 per card.

Smart Ration Card registration objective

The goal of introducing the state government's smart card is to reduce black marketing in the state while also providing consumers with convenient services. On this card will be a QR code that can be scanned by consumers to get inexpensive rations from the government galley shop. People will learn to do digital work as the state progresses digitally. The situation will improve.

Key highlights of Smart Ration Card

  • Ration card holders in Uttarakhand will be able to use the computerised public distribution system's services thanks to this Smart Ration Card.
  • Smart Ration Cards would be linked to Aadhar cards, preventing fraud in the distribution of low-cost rations.
  • This card will include a QR code that can be used to obtain rations at reduced prices.
  • The Smart Ration Card will reveal whether or not an eligible consumer has accepted rations.
  • Fraud and corruption will now be avoided by leaving these cards.

Uttarakhand Smart Ration Card online application procedure

Follow the steps outlined below if you are a state beneficiary interested in Smart Ration Card online apply process.

  • First and foremost, you must visit the Food Supplies Department's official website https://www.india.gov.in/topics/food-public-distribution. The home page will appear when you have visited the official website.

  • The Downloads option can be found on this home page. This option must be selected. The following page will open in front of you after you select the choice.

  • You must select the Ration Card online Application Form option on this page. The Application Form PDF will open in front of you after you select the choice.

  • After that, you can get this pdf application form. You must fill out all of the information requested in the application after downloading it.

  • You must send the application form to your nearest food supply department after filling out all of the information.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Smart Ration Card, and how does it work?

This is a scheme initiated by the state government in which citizens' old ration cards will be renewed and Smart Ration Cards will be issued. All work will be done smartly, and individuals will not have to encounter any difficulties.

What should I do with my Smart Ration Card?

To obtain this card, you must first apply for it online.

What is the procedure for obtaining a Smart Ration Card?

You must apply online for this; we have supplied detailed information in this article; please read the entire article to learn more.

What is the name of the official Uttarakhand Smart Ration Card website?

The Uttarakhand Food Supplies Department's official website is fcs.uk.gov.in.

What purpose does the Uttarakhand Smart Ration Card serve?

To put an end to ration card scams and to ensure that rations are distributed to the correct ration card users.

What is the number for the Uttarakhand Smart Ration Card Helpline?

You can contact the helpline number listed below if you have a complaint or a problem with food supply.

  • The helpline number is 0135-2669719, and the fax number is 0135-2669719.