West Bengal Digital Ration Card 2021


In India, The West Bengal state has come up with the digital ration card concept. In West Bengal Digital Ration Card, the ration card of the citizen of the West Bengal state shall digitally get the ration card. With the digital ration card implementation, there are many advantages that a citizen would be able to avail and will not even have to carry any kind of old documents elsewhere. Besides, with this ration card, it is easy for the residents to even offer the ration card at a certain time. Digitalization is a great initiative for a better digitalization process that has been going in India for quite some time now.

The purpose:

The initiative has been taken by the West Bengal government to offer those individuals who are West Bengal residents to get the digitized ration cards. Citizens may not be able to apply for the coupon from the district headquarters, SDO, and even BDO or the concerned municipality department. The government has even announced the Digital Ration Card at the rate which is subsidized for the lockdown period. People would even get the ration for the next 6 months every time from the period of lockdown to that too at the rate of 5 per kg.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible enough to avail Advantages of this West Bengal ration card, it is expected that an applicant fist in the eligibility criteria by the concerned authority. This includes:

  • The person has to be a permanent resident of West Bengal State

  • The ration card should not be possessed by the applicant

  • The Newlyweds can apply for new ration cards under the scheme.

Documents Required

Along with the submission of the application processes, you will have to upload some documents as well. This would make your application process smoother and easy for verification.

  • Aadhaar Card for identification

  • Mobile number for validation.

  • Voter Id/ EPIC  for identification.

  • Email ID

  • Age proof

  • PAN Card

  • Old ration card (as applicable)

Now to apply for the digital ration card, there are two ways by which you can get the application process done. Let us understand how:

Offline application process:

  • You must first download the ration card forms which are Form X for Non-Subsidised Ration Card Rural/ Urban area

  • Once the form is downloaded, it is time to fill it in with the required details and attach the important documents.

  • Go through all the details once again to see if you have done the right details filling.

  • Now Submit it to the office of the concerned rationing officer or Food Supply officer

Online application process:

  • Here you can see the homepage that shows one heading with a link Digital Ration Card Apply Online 

  • Click on the apply section for the Conversion to Non-Subsidized Ration Card or Non- Subsidized Ration 

  • You will have to further enter your mobile number so that there will be an OTP sent to you for validating the number, 

  • Now once you candidate your number, you must choose the option to fill in the application form.

  • You can then see the tab called show member in which you have to click

  • There will be some important details that shall appear

  • Now click on the tab of Add Another Member and the applicants can get all the family members details

  • Now save and view the application before you hit the submit button.

  • You can even keep it safe for future purposes.

  • How To Check West Bengal Digital Ration Card Application Status?

  • To be sure about the application status that you have submitted at West Bengal Digital Ration Card, the process includes:

  • Visit the official website where you can see at the homepage an option called Search You Ration Card Status

  • Click on it and then you will be taken to a page where you must enter some basic details

  • Now netter those details and hit the search button.

  • Application status will appear on your screen.


In-country like India, the Ration card is extremely important especially for those who are below the poverty line. This is because they are not able to meet their basic needs. But with the emergence of the West Bengal digital ration card list that is available online, people can verify their name and even the family name in the list using the internet. Due to this, people will not have any office visits and they don’t even have to face any problems. Besides, while saving their time, they shall get details all at just one click.

To get the list of the names available in the digital ration card, the candidate must visit the official website where they will be asked details like district, block Municipality, ward, name. Once all the details are filled in the person must click on the search option where they would be able to see the entire list of the names being displayed.

Questions and Answers

What is WBPDS Portal?

This is one official website for the Department of food supplies which were launched by the government officials of West Bengal where WBPDS is the short form of West Bengal Public Distribution System

What facilities are available to the public on this portal?

Those residing in West Bengal state can use facilities like:

  • Download the ration card application form

  • Check the ration card details by name

  • Verify the ration card number

  • Check the status of the ration card.

What to do if there is no name in the WBPDS Ration Card list?

If you don’t have the name on the list but you have made the application recently then you don’t have to worry at all. The list usually gets updated after a month. That is why you must keep checking in fine intervals. However, if the application is delayed for quite some time now then you must get in touch with the WBPDS helpline