West Bengal Free Tablet Scheme 2021


As per the West Bengal honorable chief minister Mamata Banerjee, there will be different schemes that shall be launched for the benefit of the people staying in West Bengal. Talking of which she recently spoke about the government’s new scheme that has been announced by the name of West Bengal Free Tablet Scheme. With the scheme of West Bengal Free Laptop Yojana 2021, it is possible for the students to attend the class online in their academic career for the years 2021 to 2022. This is an amazing scheme that was launched on 3rd December 2020 for the benefits of the kids who soon can be the future of not just the state but shall represent the whole country.

In the pandemic crisis, we all know how the education sector has got affected. Not just the lockdown has resulted in a halt of the students learning but also their growth and achievements are on hold. While the students in semi-urban and urban areas still have some facilities to take the classes but those who have been staying in the rural areas don’t have any access to smartphones for continuing their class. That is why considering this concern, the West Bengal government has come up with the thought of distributing free tablets.

About WB Tablet Scheme 2021

In order to opt for the WB Free Tablet Scheme Online Apply, there are few things that need to be known. Education is one such department in the country today that has got badly affected due to the pandemic situation. Because of coronavirus, students are told strictly to stay at home which is why their online education facility is currently going on. This problem still does not have any solution and people are already struggling because of it. That is why the government of West Bengal has come up with the scheme where the free tablets shall be distributed to around 9.5 lakh students who are currently studying in different schools of the West Bengal state. 

In this scheme., those students who are currently studying on the 12th standard of different government schools and are residing in the same state are eligible to get free tablets so that their education doe not get affected. The kids who are studying in the government-aided school and madrassa is eligible to get free tablets. It is also believed that secondary school shall be given with computers so that it is possible for the kids to pursue their online education in such tough times.

The objective of wb.gov.in Free Tablet Scheme 2021

Those applicants who shall be applying for this scheme must register themselves as wb.gov.in which is the official website of the West Bengal government. They must fill up the West Bengal Tablet Scheme Form in order to enroll their name. If they fall under the BPL family category and are underprivileged in terms of laptops and tablets then such kids are eligible for this type of scheme. The motive behind launching this scheme is to offer the best possible education facility to the kids in West Bengal who cannot avail of advanced learning facilities.

WB Free Tablet Scheme Eligibility Criteria 2021 

In order to be a perfect fit for such a scheme. There is an eligibility criterion in which the kid must be a part. 

  • Every poor family or a family with no smartphone avail of the benefits of WB free tablet scheme but also there are some other criteria’s set for such set of people which includes:

  • The interested candidate should be a permanent resident of West Bengal.

  • The applicant must have cleared all previous examinations

  • The candidate must be studying in Class 12 in the below-mentioned institutions.

  • He must be a student of any government school or government-aided school or Madrasa in West Bengal.

  • The annual income of the candidate’s family must be below or equal to Rs. 2 Lakhs.

Benefits of West Bengal Free Tablet Scheme 2021

There are some of the advantages that are associated with this scheme which shall be given to those people who are already working under this scheme which has been launched by the West Bengal Chief Minister. In this scheme, there are more than 9.5 lakh students who shall get the free tablets. Other than this, there are also advantages such as:

  • There are many benefits that will provide to the people under this scheme launched by the Chief Minister of West Bengal. In this scheme, around 9.5 lakh students will be getting free tablets.

  • More than 600 madrasas will be given the scheme benefit.

  • The students can get an education till their graduation through these facilities.

  • 14000 higher secondary schools will be given the scheme benefit

  • The Chief Minister is providing other advantages such as difference dearness allowance for State Government employees from the upcoming month of January 2021.

  • 36000 Government and Government Aided secondary schools will be provided to the facility.

  • The tabs will be provided to the students for a lifetime 

  • The applicant must be a resident of West Bengal State

Documents Required

Along with the application form comes the documents that need to be uploaded. That is why you are advised to carry the listed below documents handy with you so that you will not have to waste your time anywhere. 

  • Passport size photographs

  • Scanned signature

  • School ID card

  • Aadhar card

  • Residence certificate

  • Working mobile number

  • Address proof

Features of WB Free Tablet Scheme 2021 

  • Nearly West Bengal 9.5 lakh tablets will be distributed throughout the state.

  • Both government-aided schools and government schools will be given with this facility.

  • The higher secondary schools with madrasas will be able to part of the WB tablet scheme.

  • There will be Dearness Allowance to the employees of the State Government given from January 2021 onwards.

  • The tablets will be given till the students have finished their graduation.

WB Tablets Price list and Company Brand Details

  • In this free table scheme that the government has decided to launch, the tab is the primary thing, and along with it comes the brand of the company and its reliability. 

  • The price of the tablet or the cost will never be shared by any government officials. 

  • The company details of the tablet that government will provide shall never be shared too

  • The branded items may last longer. This means if the government is providing the quality-based tabs, then certainly it is meant for long term use 

  • With such tablets, those kids who are not strong with a financial background can use these tabs for a long time that can be helpful in their careers.

How to Apply Online for the West Bengal Free Tablet Scheme 2021?

The process to apply for such a type of scheme is quite simple. However, there is a process that needs to be done. This includes:

  • Visit the Official Website of the scheme, i.e. wb.gov.in.

  • On the homepage, under the notifications section, you shall see the ‘WB Free Tablet Apply Online 2021‘link. 

  • Click on it and a form will open on your computer screen.

  • You need to fill up some personal details like name, age, gender, caste, father’s name, family income, etc., 

  • Upload the required documents.

  • Right after you recheck all the documents and details enter, hit submit tab

  • Right after you click on submit the form will be completed and later you can wait.


Over the past few years, the technology advancement has made living much easy. But in rural areas, there are still people who are not able to avail of such advantages. But now the situation due to pandemic has been worst. More than people it is the kids who have been facing the issue. Considering the negative impact on the education of the kids, the government of West Bengal has come up with the best of schemes called the free tablet scheme for the year 2021. The 36,000 government and government-aided secondary schools, around 14,000 higher secondary schools, and 636 madrasahs in the state shall avail its advantages. It would thus help the students to attend the online class and pursue their graduation. Along with it, the government has even announced a 3% dearness allowance for 10 lakh state government employees from 1 January 2021. This would cost the state exchequer Rs 2200 crore.

Question and answer

How to check the Application Status of Tablet Distribution Scheme?

The process is quite simple. Follow the steps given in the right manner. This includes:

  • The applicant first must visit the official portal of the scheme

  • The applicants can the check application status online once the registration is successfully done

  • The login credentials then created must be entered along with some other personal details like name and age shall be asked.

  • Application Status of Tablet Distribution Scheme will then be displayed on the screen

What is Free Tablet Scheme Application Form Pdf Online?

  • Since there are still some changes that are currently going on in the portal. In case the portal does not work then students will have to download the application form.

  • The form should be filled up with all the personal details and documents to be attached as asked.

  • Once the details are filled up, it then needs to be submitted to the concerned authority.

What could be the possible Challenges of WB Free Tablet Scheme 2021?

The government may offer such a scheme to reach out to many kids. But simply to offer the laptop or tablet is not enough. They must make sure that along with such technology box kids are given good network connectivity too in the rural areas. Tablets that don’t have a good internet connection will be of no use for the kids. Those beneficiaries who shall be eligible for Free Tablet Scheme Registration will be primarily class 12th students. Since the tablet shall be distributed to more than 9.5 lakh kids studying in West Bengal, it is also a challenge for the government to offer them a good internet facility too.